I’m enjoying a week at home following several hectic weeks of travel. Last week I was in Atlanta with Jeffrey Richter, John Robbins, Peter DeBetta, Jason Clark, and several folks from Wintellect’s business unit. We were there for Devscovery. It was good to hang out with other Wintellect folks. Since we live all over the place–Richter in WA, Robbins in NH, and me in TN, for example–we’re only together a few times a year. Looks like John and Jeffrey and I are going to do some overseas travel together next year: first for DevWeek, and then for events as yet unannounced. We may try to schedule a little sightseeing time while we’re away. I’d personally like to spend the night in a haunted castle or B&B.

I was busy all summer working on a Microsoft project, and the last few weeks have been filled with travel. This week I’m trying to dig out. I literally have stacks of papers to sort through, fill out, and file–insurance papers, NDAs, etc. If you called me in recent months and I haven’t returned the call, it’s probably because your message is in the stack with lots of others.