A big “thank you” to the Chattanooga .NET Users Group for hosting my talk last night.

I presented “Windows Runtime and the Web.” Although this talk is similar to one I presented earlier at DevLink, I updated the content exclusively for Windows 8.1 and added some new features. The topics I cover include:

  • The WebView Internet Explorer control
  • Using HttpClient for RESTful service calls and more advanced manipulation of HTTP-based content
  • OData / WCF Data Services Client
  • SOAP clients
  • Syndication of RSS and ATOM Feeds
  • WebSockets
  • TCP Sockets
  • Windows Azure Mobile Web Services (WAMS)
  • Live Tiles

I uploaded the full deck to SlideShare and the source code is all available on the WinRT Examples CodePlex site.

Here is the talk summary:

The Windows Runtime is the runtime that drives Windows 8.1 and the new Windows Store apps. The runtime enables developers to build rich client apps that run natively on Window 8.1 devices. In this session, Jeremy Likness explores the various built-in components and APIs that enable Windows Store apps to connect to SOAP, REST, and OData endpoints and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds as well as connect to sockets and cloud services. Learn how these tools make it easy to build Windows Store apps that are alive and connected to the internet.