Want to know if Amazon has a service similar to Azure Active Directory?  Maybe you’re looking to replace your Amazon RDS with Azure SQL Server?  Here’s a rough list of the two cloud vendor services and how they relate to each other.

While Microsoft Azure services are named somewhat intuitively, their Amazon counterparts can be a bit more difficult to grok at first glance.  With names like Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon Kinesis, it might help to have a decoder ring to compare services from both vendors.  There’s also not a direct 1-to-1 correlation between the services as some Windows Azure services combine features of multiple AWS services and there are also some AWS services for which there is no similar Windows Azure service.  Those disclaimers aside, here is a view of how the services compare.

Azure AWS
Compute Virtual Machines Amazon EC2
Amazon EC2 Container Service
Cloud Services AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Batch AWS Lambda
RemoteApp Amazon AppStream
Amazon Workspaces
Web & Mobile Websites AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Mobile Services Amazon Cognito
API Management AWS CloudTrail
Notification Hubs Amazon SNS
Data & Storage SQL Database Amazon RDS
DocumentDB Amazon DynamoDB
Redis Cache Amazon ElastiCache
Storage Amazon S3
Amazon EBS
Storage Gateway
Amazon RedShift
StorSimple Amazon Glacier
Azure Search Amazon CloudSearch
Analytics HDInsight Amazon EMR
Machine Learning
Stream Analytics Amazon Kinesis
Data Factory AWS Import/Export
Event Hubs AWS Data Pipeline
Networking Virtual Network Amazon VPC
AWS Direct Connect
TrafficManager Elastic Load Balancing
Media & CDN Media Services Amazon Elastic Transcoder
CDN CloudFront
Hybrid Integration BizTalk Services Amazon SWF
Service Bus Amazon SQS
Site Recovery
Identity and Access Management Azure Active Directory AWS Directory Service
AWS Identity and Access Management
Multi-Factor Authentication
Dev Services Visual Studio Online AWS CodeDeploy
Application Insights Amazon Mobile Analytics
Management Portal AWS CloudWatch
AWS CloudFormation
AWS Config
Automation Auto Scaling
Operational Insights AWS OpsWorks
Key Vault AWS CloudHSM
AWS Key Mangement Service
Misc Microsoft OneDrive Amazon WorkDocs
Amazon Only Services Amazon SES
Amazon FPS