To think I’ve spent countless hours in the last 14 years of my life writing books and magazine articles. Had I only known about the Lipsum Generator, my life would have been so much easier! “Lipsum” is short for lorem ipsum, the Latin-like filler material that publishers use to reserve space for content in layouts. The aforementioned generator cranks out lorem ipsum in whatever quantities you desire. Here’s a sample:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Proin sapien eros, placerat et, facilisis condimentum, venenatis nec, orci. Sed pretium. Aenean quis tellus in ligula dapibus adipiscing. Phasellus aliquet. Praesent eros. Proin orci urna, luctus quis, condimentum ac, tincidunt eget, augue. Phasellus nec metus euismod libero hendrerit placerat. Aliquam erat volutpat. In eleifend metus at nulla. Nullam venenatis. Pellentesque consequat elit sed sem tristique malesuada.

I plan to test the limits of the generator with my next book. Will it, for example, generate 1,000 pages of lorem ipsum in one fell swoop, or will it force me to generate it a few paragraphs at a time? Either way, it’ll be a lot less work than writing content myself. And who knows? It might be just as meaningful as some of the other .NET books that get published. 🙂