As I posted the other day about the Apple Keyboard on Vista, I thought I’ve follow up with a note that on my Mac Pro the Apple Keyboard did not work when I was attempting to boot from the OS DVD. For some strange reason, I lost WINLOAD.EXE, a super critical part of Windows startup. I had uninstalled Acronis True Image Workstation because it turns out to not support Apple hardware. There’s no telling if this is an Acronis problem, or I had a bad sector. After the BSCT (Black Screen of Complete Terror) I popped in the OS DVD to boot into Vista’s Repair Mode. The “Press any key to boot from CD…” message popped up no amount of pressing keys was recognized so Vista always attempted to boot off the corrupted image. Once I put the original Apple Keyboard on the machine, I was able to boot off the CD and repair my install. Just thought I’d mention this in case you need to get into Repair Mode to save your bacon.