Modernize your legacy applications, data, and IT systems

Wintellect’s application modernization services help IT leaders reduce operating costs and capital spending, provide better products and services to customers, and free up their teams to focus on more strategic initiatives. Whether you need to migrate your existing IT systems and data to the cloud, re-platform, start from scratch, or re-mediate your outdated legacy applications, Wintellect can help. The results will include increased performance and agility, added security and reliability, and improved customer satisfaction, all while lowering expenses and costs.

Take your legacy apps to the modern web and cloud and crush the competition

Companies across all industries are facing intense pressure from competitors offering newer, more modern software and cloud-based products and services. You face demands for richer features and visualizations; higher performance and data transaction requirements; and cost limitations around development, infrastructure, and maintenance. Not to mention issues around security for out-of-date systems and customer satisfaction issues. You need to upgrade or risk losing out in the marketplace.

Wintellect has long experience in moving major line-of-business applications to modern platforms, including web-based technologies with modern JavaScript libraries such as Angular and React; desktop frameworks like UWP, Electron and WPF; and cloud platforms like Azure or AWS. Your competitors are already there. You need to be as well.

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Add the power of the cloud!

Move faster, do more, and save money with Wintellect and Microsoft Azure.

Take your applications to the cloud and easily scale to new heights while cutting costs. Then add modern DevOps practices to move faster and increase the efficiency of your development. Wintellect, a Microsoft Gold Azure cloud & DevOps partner, is your partner for success.

Wintellect's App Modernization Services

Wintellect offers a range of application modernization services that will help companies reap the most value from their existing systems and applications:

  • Application and Data modernization.  Re-build, re-platform, and re-imagine your apps and data to take advantage of modern web, data, and cloud platforms and technologies.
  • Discovery and Assessment.  Wintellect can perform an assessment of your current legacy applications and systems, and provide you with options for modernization going forward.
  • Migrate to the Cloud.  Move your apps and data to the cloud, with both apps and infrastructure-based solutions. Use your preferred technologies of choice, including open source technologies like Linux, Docker, and AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)
  • Remediation services.  Wintellect can enhance your current applications and systems for easy maintainability, scalability, and deployments.

The Customer is Always Right

A few of our legacy application modernization clients

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