Silverlight 4 shipped this week, and you can download it along with all the tools you need to develop for it from the Silverlight Web site. Silverlight 4 represents a milestone of sorts in that it adds the features you need to build line-of-business (LOB) apps that run inside or outside the browser. Among the most exciting new features is support for “trusted applications” that run outside the browser and enjoy an expanded sandbox.

I blogged about Silverlight 4 a lot during the beta cycle and will be blogging more in weeks to come. Right now I’m in the middle of several weeks of travel (much of it international) and am so jet-lagged I can barely stay awake when I’m not at work!

In little more than a week, I’ll be delivering a session on Silverlight 4 at Devscovery in New York. I would love to have you attend the session. Plus, Charles Petzold will deliver a special session on using Silverlight to develop for the Windows phone. I’ll bet that session will be jam-packed, and I plan to be there early to secure a seat!

I have also agreed to deliver a Silverlight 4 precon at Microsoft TechEd in New Orleans in June. Help me make this session SRO by signing up to attend! The buzz around Silverlight is huge, and I have some cool code samples to share that exploit the very best features Silverlight 4 has to offer. I intend to have some cool phone samples ready, too, to make this the most exciting TechEd precon I’ve delivered in years.

See you in New York and New Orleans!