VisionMobile is currently running its 11th Developer Economics survey, and devs who sign up to participate can win prizes including Microsoft Surface 3s, Windows IoT dev kits and more.

The survey is a snapshot of what developers worldwide are up to—which tools we’re using, which programming languages we prefer, which app categories are hot right now. VisionMobile, a research company that specializes in the app market, will compile the results in a ‘State of the Developer Nation’ report to be released in July.

Besides being entered in prize drawings, survey respondents get immediate access to a scorecard comparing their responses to those of other developers in their country.

The previous report, released in March, offered some interesting insights:

  • While the total number of developers worldwide is rising, the average experience level is falling.
  • The majority of developers surveyed were working in at least two of four major sectors: Mobile, Desktop, Cloud and IoT.
  • Use of Objective C has plummeted with the rise of Swift and cross-platform tools.
  • JavaScript and its derivatives were the language of choice for 12 percent of mobile developers; Microsoft’s C# held steady at 40% of mobile developers but was gaining ground in the cloud.

With the rapid speed of change in our industry, it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll learn from this edition. Click here to participate.