Jeff Atwood has a wonderful post concerning my discussion (and others) of Edit and Continue.  While his analogy to game saving is not quite parallel, he make some points worth reading and thinking about.  Make sure you read the comments also.  The one thing to keep in mind is that while many of the comments are talking about how nice E&C is for small typos, I still maintain it’s a super-slippery-nearly-vertical slope from fixing a quick typo to facing a tough production only problem because of it. In addition, I do realize that others work differently than I do and never advocated taking out the feature, but not using it; absolutely.  (I’m not a Luddite either, though I do want to be macho, not in the coding sense, but in the manly man sense J).

Make sure to grab Jeff’s excellent Google Search and Format VS.NET RTF to HTML Macros.  Both are pure Visual Studio happiness.