I recently had the pleasure of speaking at CodeStock 2009 and was very impressed with the conference overall.  The folks behind this conference put in a lot of work and did a really great job.  I got the chance to see some really good presentations as well.  I look forward to attending CodeStock in the future. 

The code and slides will be posted soon at the CodeStock site, but I wanted to note a few things about the code that I’m including for those that were present for my talk on Prism. 

  1. The AlbumSearch solution included is the one we worked through in the presentation.  In the interest of time, I had skipped the creation of separate folders/namespaces for the Views, ViewModels, etc during the presentation. For the download, I have cleaned that up and placed everything in a much more realistic (cleaner) project structure.
  2. While creating the SearchCommand in the SearchModuleViewModel during the presentation, I had skipped adding a CanExecute handler in the interest of time.  Someone asked me about it later and I promised to provide an example in the download and I have done so.  You’ll notice that the Search button now enables only when there are at least 3 letters typed in the Search Box.  (NOTE:  The only Artist Names defined in my test data are:  Pink Floyd, Mars Volta, and Tool.  Anything else will likely blow up as there is no Exception handling in the demo). 
  3. During the presentation, I mentioned a much larger solution that goes through each concept of Prism such as Modularity (and the various ways to load Modules), UI Composition, etc.  I have included my PrismConcepts solution in the download as well. 
  4. I added a link to a WPF and Silverlight Comparison paper from Wintellect to the Resources slide as promised.

I think that covers it.  Thanks again to the organizers, the sponsors, the presenters, and all the attendees of CodeStock

Here’s the Code and Slides.