Do you have tons of VB6 code still running in your organization? I’m always surprised in our consulting and debugging work how much VB6 code is still running. I’m a strong advocate of not breaking working code, but with Microsoft ending all support for VB6 in March, 2008 you need to start planning, if you haven’t already, what you’re going to do with that code.

My good friend Francesco Balena has just announced his latest project, VB Migration Partner, which will migrate VB6 code to Visual Basic .NET. It looks absolutely fantastic and Francesco and his team are getting a conversion rate of 99.9%! In the million+ lines of VB6 code they’ve run through VB Migration Partner, they hit only one compilation error per 1,100 lines of code. Francesco told me that this was one of the hardest projects he’s ever done. However, knowing Francesco who’s one of the smartest, and nicest, people I’ve ever met in this business, VB Migration Partner will have rock solid quality.

If you’ve been at a loss to a VB6 migration strategy, now you’ve got an answer.