I just returned home from the PDC after a marvelous few days in sunny L.A. Sunday’s Silverlight precon was a blast, and if you attended, I hope you felt it was worth your time. I could have easily filled out two more days with Silverlight fun and games, but I tried to hit the high points in the time we had together.

I spent my time on the airplane to and from L.A. updating my page-turn framework for Silverlight 2. The original framework utilized Silverlight 1.0 and was introduced in the May 2008 issue of MSDN Magazine. The new version features the same basic API with a few tweaks and additions. For example, the PageTurn class now fires a PageTurned event each time a page turn is complete, making it easy to update the UI around the page-turn canvas each time the user flips a page. Here’s a sample built around the new framework:


You can download the sample code here, or view the app online here. The page-turn framework is implemented in PageTurn.cs, and you can see how to use the framework by perusing Page.xaml and Page.xaml.cs. The XAML structure is the same as described in the aforementioned MSDN Magazine article.

I still need to do some cleaning-up in the code and would also like to add a few more features. But since the framework’s in decent shape as is, and since I have promised publicly to update it for Silverlight 2, I didn’t want to wait any longer to push the bits out there. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions (or, heaven forbid, find any bugs), be sure to let me know.