ng-conf: Day 0

It’s only the first day at ng-conf 2015 but I am already pretty pumped about the next few days.

There are of course going to be some cool things going on tonight even before the conference gets started. For instance there is a pretty interesting “Building Microsoft Office Apps with AngularJS Hackathon” going on as well as any number of other hacking events, and lightning talks.


Last year’s conference was nothing short of amazing. The bar was set pretty high, but it is nice to see the ng-conf team taking it to new levels.

The ng-conf team is making sure everybody feels like geek royalty with the very nice swag bag they handed out, which is even better than last year.


And it’s nice to see the team having fun and including some (not so) subtle easter eggs for the attendees. For instance, I got my picture taken with a giraffe and a lobster.


I was also told by Aarron Frost that there may or may not be a prophetic narwhal at the conference.

To top off the pre-conference awesomeness there was a professional didgeridoo player literally rocking out that ancient instrument in a way that I didn’t even know was possible.

Seriously! A didgeri-freaking-doo!


Seamless Execution

One of the more delightful aspects of the conference last year was how well everything ran. It was like clockwork, and there wasn’t a single hiccup… which I can tell you is almost unheard of for a first year conference.

This year is no exception.

I’ve been told that if things are running smoothly, we have Sunny Leggett to thank, so let me just say a big, THANK YOU! to Sunny and the whole crew of behind the scenes workers who take care of the millions of details that make a conference exceptional.

The glow is totally not photoshopped…




More Awesome Workers!



I know there is is going to be a lot of great technical content, and some very much anticipated announcements about Angular 2.0, but as usual the highlight of ng-conf is the community of developers who are passionate about building the next generation of web applications with this great framework.

During my trip I bumped into a few other people headed to the conference… one from my hometown and another

On my way from the airport I had the privilege of meeting two Google employees attending the conference, one of which just started working on the Angular 2.0 team.

My colleague Dave Baskin, and I had a quick chat with Dan Wahlin, John Papa, and Shai Reznik who I only just met… but that guy is a riot!

I really can’t wait to meet everybody else at the conference, so feel free to give me a shout. I would LOVE to talk shop, and tell you the cool things Wintellect is doing with Angular, or just hang out and try to win an XBox!