I have uploaded the content from my Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development with Silverlight talk at the New Hampshire .Net Seacoast User Group meeting last night in Portsmouth. The content can be found here, and includes:

  • Presentation slides, which include the reference links I mentioned during the talk.
  • The sample code, broken into 2 projects. Because the Notification Services portion of the talk adds extra projects to the solution ad is a little more complex to build and launch, that portion has been broken out into its own separate zip file.

For the Notification Services portion of the demo, the web project should be launched first, followed by the phone project (since the phone app calls the web site to register its URL for receiving notifications.) If the solution is run with the web project set as the default start project, the application bits do get deployed to the phone, but the debugger is not hooked up (unless multiple startup projects are used.) If debugging of the phone app is desired, it can be achieved by right clicking on the phone project and selecting Debug / Start New Instance. Also, this time the Notification Services demo includes the Push Notification Server-Side Helper recipe.

As usual, I have “sanitized” the uploaded code content by removing my personal Bing Maps application key. For information on how to obtain your own map key, please check out the Bing Maps Developer Portal.

I have also added a project that  shows the technique for “immediately” updating the application’s tile via a temporary Notification Services endpoint.  This is based on the code first presented here

The posted Slide Deck includes the slides that call out new content in the upcoming “Mango” release of WP7, and I have edited one slide to include one IMPORTANT new addition to the phone SDK that I forgot to previously include – support for Sockets.

Many thanks to Pat Tormey for inviting me to be the inaugural speaker for this new user group, as well as to Mark Mullin and Global Relief Technologies for providing a great site.  Also many thanks are deserved by the attendees, who asked some of the best questions I have gotten since I started doing these talks.