I have uploaded the content from my talks at yesterday’s (5/7/2011) New England Code Camp 15.  I had two talks – Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development with Silverlight and Advanced Windows Phone 7 Development with Silverlight.  The content for my first talk can be found here, and the content for the second talk can be found here.  The content includes:

  • Presentation slides, which include the reference links I mentioned during the talk.
  • The sample code.  In the second presentation I discussed the Bing Maps control.  I have removed my Map Key and replaced it with the text “YOUR_KEY_HERE.”  To remove the licensing warning that appears when running the project, be sure to get an application key from the Bing Maps Developer Portal and replace the temporary text.

After having done various phone talks over the past year, I decided I needed to overhaul the content prior to this presentation.  This was done both in order to relate the contents of the presentation to something that more closely resembled an actual app, as well as in anticipation of including the upcoming “Mango” content.  I think the presentation got closer on those fronts, but it still needs some tuning (especially the first half, which ran a bit long…my apologies to the attendees for having to rush through some of the material.)

I have also discovered an interesting defect in the application that occurred after adding the code to handle saving page-state when the app is tombstoned.  What happens is that the closing of the DatePicker control (from the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit) sets the value of the property before an OnNavigatedTo event is called, which resets the value to what was serialized when the control first appears.  The net result is that the DatePicker control ceases to change the date.  I included a quick fix for this in the code published above, and will be taking a deeper look at this control in the coming days, with a more thorough post to follow.