It’s been a while since I posted to the blog because I’ve been traveling–some for business, some for pleasure. I had a relaxing vacation in Hawaii with my wife and kids followed by a trip to Atlanta for Wintellect’s annual company retreat and am now back in the saddle digesting the latest updates to Silverlight and Visual Studio 2008 (“Orcas”).

I just finished updating the Silverlight viewer for MyComix to use the Silverlight 1.0 RC plug-in. The changes were pretty minor. I basically just replaced Silverlight.js with the newer version, changed Sys.Silverlight.createObject to Silverlight.createObject, changed the version number passed to createObject from 0.9 to 1.0, and removed the third parameter from calls to the downloader object’s open method. (That method, which formerly used the third parameter to indicate whether downloads should be synchronous or asynchronous, now accepts just two parameters. Downloads are now asynchronous by default and synchronous downloads are no longer supported.)

As usual, you can check out the viewer by going to the MyComix Web site, making sure you’re in thumbnail view, and clicking a comic book cover. Use the mousewheel to zoom in and out, and drag the cursor over the comic book cover with the left button depressed to rotate the comic and see the back cover. Move the cursor to the top of the window to display an informational panel with data about the comic.

I’ve also updated the zip file containing the MyComix source code. Click here to download the latest source. The Silverlight stuff is in the files named Spotlight.aspx and Spotlight.xaml.

UPDATE: Today (Aug. 1) I modified the source code. I was registering transient event handlers for the downloader objects used to download cover images but failing to unregister them, opening the possibility of resource leaks in the browser. The modified source complements each call to addEventListener with a call to removeEventListener. The new source has been posted for download.