The simulator that I flew in was manufactured by a company named CAE. I didn’t have my trusty digital camera with me (unfortunately), but CAE’s Web site has a picture of a simulator like the one I flew in as well as lots of other interesting stuff.

I forgot to mention that as we took off to the east from Atlanta’s Hartsfield International, you could look down and see cars moving north and south on I-75. You could even make out the headlights and taillights.

I also forgot to mention a moment of humor that occurred after landing. I landed pretty hard and blew out a tire; the bump was so hard that I half expected to see a strut protruding through the top of the wing. (Wonder if they simulate that?) I turned to the instructor and said something to the effect that I guess it wasn’t too good a landing. He grinned from ear to ear and said “Are you kidding? That was a GREAT Navy landing!”

You guessed it: my instructor was ex-Air Force.