Missed Devscovery NYC? See the Keynote!

If you couldn’t make it to NYC last week to have a blast at Devscovery, we missed you. One of the most interesting parts was Scott Hanselman’s keynote on Social Networking for Developers. Scott, with the help of Paul Mooney, have posted the video so you can watch the keynote and see how things like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook can make you a better developer. It’s a fantastic talk and will give everyone something to think about.

After the conference, I looked over the reviews and Scott’s keynote got rave reviews. His keynote is full of practical advice if you’ve never dipped your toe into the blogging or social networking world. Even if you’re on everything, there are many ideas on how you can use social networking to “manage your brand.” It today’s economic climate, it’s critical that you do.

Several of the people I talked to at Devscovery were inspired to start their own blogs because of Scott’s talk but were worried that they didn’t have anything to say. Everyone developing software for a living has plenty to say that others want to read about. You’re fighting battles everyday to get the job done and make a difference. We all want to read about those battles so we can avoid the same problems ourselves.

Also, look at it this way, as a software developer we are really in the communications business. The more you practice your written communications skills, the better you become. It doesn’t take that much time to write, maybe 15-20 minutes a day. Just do it!

Thanks again to Scott for doing an amazing job. If you want to see Scott live, which is not to be missed, there’s always Devscovery Redmond coming up August 18-20.