Microsoft,, and Arduino have launched a new contest they are calling “The World’s Largest Arduino Maker Challenge” with prizes for the best combination of Arduino, Windows 10, and Windows Azure.  With more than 1,000 winners receiving a new Arduino MKR1000 board there seems to be plenty of prizes to go around.  The top 3 winners will receive a trip to Maker Faire in Shenzen, New York, the Bay Area, or Rome (whichever you can get to for $1500) along with a $500 gift card and a platform to present your work at the Microsoft and Arduino booths.

The contest requires you to use either the Arduino UNO or MKR1000 to host a Windows 10 based Universal Windows App that utilizes the Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino API or Windows Remote Arduino.  Bonus points go to those who integrate their IoT device into Azure’s IoT stack using IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, or Machine Learning.

For more information, check out the Contest Brief and get building!