A new Windows 10 build goes out today to Insiders in Microsoft’s Fast track, and it includes previously announced changes to Cortana.

The Fast track is living up to its name, with this new version, Build 14251, released just a week after Build 11102. (Don’t be confused by the leap in numbers; Microsoft is simply standardizing the way it refers to each version after combining the teams working on PC and mobile builds.)

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul says to expect the fast release pace to continue, which means quicker bug fixes but also more new bugs being introduced. Insiders who want to receive more stable, but less-frequent, builds can switch to the Slow track.

The changes to Cortana include beefed-up reminder and calendar management features. The virtual office assistant can now scan your email and remind you about commitments you’ve made to others. It also tracks times when you usually set meetings and alerts you if you have an event that’s outside the norm—say, a 7:00 a.m. meeting.

Build 14251 contains the following known bugs, per Microsoft:

  • You might see a WSClient.dll error dialog after logging in. We’re working on a fix for this but as a workaround, you can run the following in Command Prompt with administrative rights: schtasks /delete /TN “MicrosoftWindowsWSWSRefreshBannedAppsListTask” /F

  • The Connect button does not show up in Action Center. The workaround is to press Windows key + P and then click “Connect to a wireless display”.

  • Due to a recent memory management change, you may see periodic app crashes or other memory related app errors. The workaround is to reboot your PC.

It also fixes a number of other pesky bugs:

  • We fixed the issue where some PC games would crash switching from windowed mode to full screen, upon game resolution change, or upon launch due to a bug in Windows graphics stack. So play your games! If you run into any issues – please let us know by reporting in the Feedback app and include the game title.

  • We fixed the issue where applications such as Narrator, Magnifier, and third-party assistive technologies may experience intermittent issues or crashes.

  • We fixed an issue where File Explorer would crash frequently when DPI settings were at 175%.

Aul also had a bit of news for Windows Mobile users: Microsoft is “nearly ready to start sharing new preview builds for Mobile as well.” However, those updates will go out first to devices that originally shipped with Windows 10—ie, Lumia 950, 950XL, and 550—before expanding to other devices.