After many, many requests, we are offering my Mastering Windows Debugging class as a virtual session on February 3 and 4, 2009. The world still runs on native C++ Windows applications so if are designing and debugging those hard core applications, this class is for you! We’ll cover all sorts of great native debugging tricks encompassing preparing for C++ debugging, all sorts of wonderful tricks in the Visual Studio Debugger, both 32-bit and 64-bit assembly language, advanced WinDBG, and dealing with C++ memory problems. For the complete detailed syllabus, look at the PDF here. To signup, click here.

If you’ve taken a Wintellect virtual class before, you’ll notice something different: live questions! We’ve always used LiveMeeting for the desktop sharing and that has always worked out quite well. What wasn’t working as well as we had liked was the question manager in LiveMeeting. Attendees would have to type their questions into it. For some, that was no problem, but required an extra hurdle for most people that simply asking a live question would overcome. Now, all US-based attendees will be on the same phone line as the instructors so when it’s question time, the entire class can have an interactive discussion. We’re very excited about trying this new way of teaching our virtual classes because we feel it will make for a much better experience all around.

For all you hard-core developers out there, I look forward to talking with you at the class!