I recently gave a talk for the Atlanta Microsoft Professionals users group about using the Managed Extensibility Framework for Line of Business applications in .NET 4.0. We had a great turnout and I appreciate everyone who attended. The talk was based on my blog post “10 Reasons to use the Managed Extensibility Framework.”

While the talk itself wasn’t recorded, I’m happy to share the slide deck with you. You can download it here and watch the presentation for yourself. I covered not only the benefits of using MEF, but touched on some of the costs associated with it as well.

This is the abstract for the talk:

With the release of Visual Studio 2010, the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) became a first-class citizen of the .NET 4.0 Framework. It is the same system used for extensibility and plug-ins within Visual Studio 2010 itself. Learn the ten reasons why you would want to use the Managed Extensibility Framework in your own applications and how MEF can assist you with building dynamic, modular, extensible, testable applications faster than ever before. This deep dive will cover advanced MEF topics included strongly typed meta-data and custom export providers as well as how MEF differs between Web, WPF, Console, and Silverlight applications.

Enjoy the presentation!

Jeremy Likness