I have uploaded the content from my Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development with Silverlight talk at the Maine Bytes User Group meeting on November 11.  The content can be found here, and includes:

  • Presentation slides, which include the reference and event links I mentioned during the talk
  • The sample code.  Because the demos were completely cumulative, only the final project is included.

There was one stumbling block during the demo, and I was able to determine what happened.  When I switched to use the “pre-canned” version of the code for the State Preservation demo (Isolated Storage, PhoneApplicationService State dictionary), as that project had been previously built and shared the same project information as the previous project that had been deployed to the phone, when I built and deployed to the phone, no new bits were copied over (the project and solution didn’t think any code had been changed.)  Nothing worked because there were old assemblies on the phone… had I run the code by forcing a rebuild or restarted the emulator, everything would have worked as expected.

I have “sanitized” the uploaded code content by removing my personal Bing Maps application key.  For information on how to obtain your own map key, please check out the Bing Maps Developer Portal