Mark your calendars for May 14-15, 2015 for the free 2015 Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference. This is a Microsoft sponsored conference where Microsoft Valuable Professionals (MVPs) will be presenting five different tracks for world wide consumption: IT Pro, Developer, Consumer, LATAM (Spanish), and Brazil (Portuguese). Obviously, I’ll be in the Developer track, but I’m really excited about the multiple language tracks. Making development and IT more welcoming to non-English speakers is awesome.

I’ll be presenting the following session. Go register today.

Roslyn for Normal Developers: It’s Not Just for Compiler Geeks!

You have no doubt heard about Roslyn, the new C# and VB.NET compilers in Visual Studio 2015, and you are probably wondering what they mean to you as a normal developer especially since you don’t have a PhD in Compilerology. In this demo only session you’ll see that no matter the type of .NET development you are doing, Roslyn will quickly become one of your favorite tools. You’ll learn how to leverage Roslyn analyzers and code fixers to fix problems in your team’s code as its being written. You’ve dreamed about having super smart editors that find the bugs before you check in and Roslyn is the answer!

After this session, you’ll know how to develop, test, and deploy your own Roslyn analyzers and code fixers to ensure your team is coding correctly and using your architecture the way you want all by leveraging the actual compiler. Extending the compiler is easier than you think and you’ll be fired up to make it all happen.

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