I’m off to Los Angeles at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to speak to the L.A. .NET User Group. If you’re in Southern Californa and feel like trekking up (or down) to UCLA for the event, come join the fun. It’s sponsored by INETA, which usually means there will be free pizza. Nothing attracts geeks like free pizza.

I was originally going to go straight from Los Angeles to Cancun to join my family for a late summer vacation, but we decided this morning to postpone the trip. I still have some work to do on the ASP.NET Whidbey course I’m writing for that big software company in the northwest, and my whole family is tired and wanting to spend the last couple of weeks of summer vacation relaxing at home rather than trudging through airports. That’s one of the ironies of the Wintellect lifestyle. Because I travel a lot, I have tons of frequent flyer points. But the last thing I want to do when I have time off is get on an airplane. I’m looking forward to getting home from L.A. Tuesday afternoon, taking my kids to the pool (weather permitting), and then getting back to work on Web Parts.