Want to learn more about Azure’s Service Fabric?  Now you can host your apps for free on Microsoft’s new “Party” clusters.  These free public clusters are short lived instances that offer developers a chance to try out their apps on Azure before being blown away every 2 hours.

Each party cluster is the same and has a time limit. It runs for two hours, then it’s automatically taken down and a fresh new one comes up. At that point, all your applications will be removed and you’ll have to connect to a new cluster to keep partying. You can only connect to one party cluster at a time, but you can come back as many times as you like. —  Azure Service Fabric Party Cluster page

After registering to join a cluster you’ll receive an email with the cluster connection address, application port, and expiration date.  You can even view the cluster with the online Service Fabric Explorer.

So if you’re looking to get your feet wet with Azure Service Fabric, you can join the party here.