Hi all,

I have been silent on the blog as usual but thought I’d add an entry today bring you up-to-date on my activities.

I have been extremely busy. Wintellect has gotten some big deals lately which has had me travelling and teaching my .NET Framework class and my new Building Responsive, Reliable, and Scalable Applications and Components class (AKA my Threading class).

In between all this work, I have been reseaching new Windows Vista features that affect threading such as I/O cancellation, wait chain traversal, logical processor information, I/O priorities, transactional file system and registry, and more. In fact, I’ve added support for a lot of this stuff in my Power Threading library already so that managed developers can use a lot of this stuff when running on Vista. I also plan to write about this stuff in an upcoming Concurrent Affairs column in MSDN Magazine.

Also, Windows Vista has a new feature called SideShow and Microsoft contracted me to produce the managed interface to this new feature. After Vista ships, Microsoft will make the Microsoft.SideShow.dll (which was created by me) available either via Windows Update and/or in the Vista SDK. I explain how to use this new Vista feature and my library in an upcoming MSDN Magazine article (I think the article comes out in the January 2007 issue).

I really like the new SideShow feature and expect to be doing more work with Microsoft to help bring this feature more into mainstream usage.