Well, I’ve had several people ask me to start blogging and I’m finally breaking down and doing it. Recently, I started getting into RSS and I am much more of a believer in blogs now since new entries are pushed down to people who care about my comings and goings.
Since August of 2003, I’ve been doing part-time consulting for the CLR’s Version Architecture (VersArc) team. We are responsible for solving the DLL Hell problems that exist with the .NET Framework. Our stuff should ship with Orcas/Longhorn. Last week, we spent a lot of time talking about weakly named assemblies and how we want to deal with them. You see, the VersArc team firmly belives in strong-named assemblies and, in our ideal world, we want all assemblies to be strongly named. We’re even talking about enforcing this in the future. But any plans we come up with today are subject to change before Orcas/Longhorn ships.  
I’ve also been spending a lot of time masterring WSE 2.0. In fact, on Friday (July 2nd), Jason Clark & I spent the whole day building a chat application, encrypting its messages, and so on. We learned a lot and we are producing a WSE 2.0 class for Wintellect which we’ll be ready to teach shortly.
Also, on July 2nd, I went and saw Rush, the music group. It is their 30th anniversary and the concert was awesome! They played a lot of their older music like The Trees, and Spirit of Radio, and even stuff from their first album. I had a fantastic time.
Tonight, Aidan (my son), Kristin (my wife), and I are up at Kristin’s mother’s house on Camano Island, WA. They had a lot of family over and lit fireworks. There was an abundance of food. I’m writing this just before we go to bed. So, Good Night Everyone!