In this interview, Wintellect’s John Robbins talks to Rob Tiffany about the IoT Hype Cycle, where Big Data really comes from, and how to use the power of the Internet of Things to track powdered donuts.

Rob has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur, executive, architect, developer, strategist, and the writer of bestselling mobile and wireless technology books. A pioneer of the smartphone revolution, he drove the development of the mobile app ecosystem from its earliest days and co-founded the world’s first cloud-based mobile device management company.

As a Mobile Strategist at Microsoft, he’s in-demand as an advisor to executives and a speaker at conferences all over the world. Rob has been responsible for the architecture, development and deployment of many of the world’s largest mobile and wireless solutions for Fortune 100 companies. Through books, articles, videos and workshops, he helps to empower CIOs, developers and IT professionals in areas of mobile, strategy, wireless, data replication, device management, security, the cloud, and highly-scalable infrastructures.