No, I’m not talking about Jeffrey Richter. “Heavenly Body” is my R/C B-25, which is finally finished and is almost ready for its test flight. The paint scheme comes from the real Heavenly Body, a B-25 manufactured near the end of WWII that still flies today. Mine has a wingspan of 85”, so while it’s tiny compared to the real thing, it’s big enough to be scary. I’m sure the pucker factor will be high the first time I fly it.

My B-25 is powered by a pair of 4-stroke Saito 82 engines, which produce 1.5 HP each. I hope that’s enough to power this plane, although you never know until you get it in the air. The props and wing loading have a lot to do with performance, too. I’ll post a full report following the first flight.

Meanwhile, if you just can’t wait, here’s a link to a B-25 just like it flying in Sweden: