So I guess February 29th ought to be quite interesting with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and VS 11 being released. An even more important date is Monday February 27th as that’s when we are holding a Wintellect Tweetup where we want to hear your thoughts on all the new announcements. We’ll have fellow Wintellectuals, Jeremy Likness, Steve Porter, and Jeffrey Richter there to stir the debate. The event will be at Parlor Billiards and  Spirits in Bellevue. Hit the link to sign up.

Please note that this even IS NOT AT ALL limited to just MVPs! If you’re a Seattle-based developer you are more than invited as well. All NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) will be honored so we won’t be giving out any secrets so the Wintellect lawyers can breath a sigh of relief.

We look forward to chatting with you and getting your opinion of everything Microsoft!