To finish off getting insights from a sales data set, we’re going to look at using Microsoft’s PowerBI. PowerBI is a very helpful tool for looking at our data through visualizations.

The insights will be the same that we got in our visualization post from before, but using PowerBI we get these visualizations quicker and easier than doing it straight through code. We could also use PowerBI to create reports or dashboards based on our sales data and publish them so the whole organization can look at and get the answers to their own questions.

In this post, we have a screencast that goes over how we can use our sales data from our previous post to highlight just how quick and easy it is to gain insights with PowerBI.

The screencast in this post demonstrated how we can use our data to get quick and easy insights. There is a ton more you can do with PowerBI and you can learn all of these at WintellectNow on the Mastering PowerBI course.