Did you know that SharePoint was Microsoft’s fastest growing $1 billion business ever? Well, you probably knew something like that because you’re probably doing SharePoint development. We’re real

ly happy at Wintellect that we are now offering world class SharePoint training that covers both people new to SharePoint to those that want to take SharePoint even farther than ever. Here’s the classes we are offering:


Mastering SharePoint and Office 365: End-to-End for Developers and Designers
This 5 day course is packed with information that will load you with enough skills to work productively on any SharePoint project. It covers the development aspects and UI design concepts in depth. This course is designed for the technical audience or the architect who needs to learn all aspects of the product, for the developer, designer, and the administrator. You can expect plenty of real world insight that you don’t get in “canned courses”.



The class is taught by Sahil Malik, a Microsoft MVP and SharePoint expert.