Jeff Prosise and I have been diligently creating our Mastering Windows Store Apps course throughout 2012. With the release of Windows 8 later this month we want to share some of the wonderful content that we’ve been working on with all of you!


I created a 9-part Windows Store Apps video series that is available to you for free. Each video is 10-20 minutes in length and touches on key aspects of Windows Store development. I hope you find the videos informative and that you’ll share your comments and reactions with me. Simply post any thoughts or questions you might have under each video and I would love to engage with you.


We will be releasing segments through December. Check-out our upcoming release calendar and get up to speed quickly and efficiently and prepare to blaze the new trails in the fast and evolving world of Windows development.


Currently available course segments include:


  • Application Architecture & Language Projections
  • Working with WinRT’s Async API’s
  • Windows Store App Threading Model
  • Building the App Package
  • Storage Files & Folders