I put the finishing touches on Lab 2 late yesterday afternoon and then decided to take a brain break. I went flying with a friend who had a brand electric new plane he wanted to try out. It flew beautifully, and I took an electric plane of my own: Great Planes’ twin-engine DC-3. I had a mishap on the first take-off due to the fact that the DC-3 lacks a steerable tailwheel (meaning you can’t steer it until it develops enough speed to get air flowing over the rudder), but did a field repair with some Zap CA+ and then had two magnificent flights. It was a beautiful evening with hardly a whisper of wind–perfect for flying electric planes, which tend to be underpowered anyway.

This morning I’m working on the third lab. Looks to be a beautiful day here in East Tennessee, so who knows? If I can get Lab 3 put to bed today, I might just hit the flying field tonight.