Hey, I heard about this really interesting social media thing called Twitter. It lets you type quick posts in 140 characters to let people know what’s going on. It looks really interesting. Maybe you should check it out. OK, so I’m super late to the party but finally broke down and grabbed me a twitter account. Can I be one of the cool kids now? If you want to follow me in the comfort of your favorite Twitter client, @JohnWintellect, is the place to be.

What I find amazing is that I haven’t told anyone about my Twitter account but Paul Glower and Gian Maria Ricci are already following me. Either they have hacked my computers or their search power is massively strong. I will try not to let them down. My only hope is that I don’t accidentally shoot a picture of my crotch and post it to either Paul or Gian.

I find my career arc is interesting when it comes to communicating technical content. When I first started I thought in 5,000 word columns. After a while it became 100,000 word books. With Wintellect, it’s been at least 500 words for a blog post. Now I’m down to 140 characters. However, I feel I’m up to the challenge and my first two posts are exactly 140 characters long.