Isn’t that what EnC stands for? 🙂

We had a beautiful October East Tennessee afternoon today, so I ditched the word processor for a while and flew my new Hangar 9 AT-6 Texan for the first time. It flew like it was on rails, although not surprisingly, the retracts are junk. Hangar 9 sells great planes. So why do they ruin an otherwise nice package by including substandard landing gear? Doesn’t anyone care about quality any more?

I took lots of pictures of the new plane, but alas, my camera’s memory card, which is almost 5 years old, went south on me. I lost the pictures. I’ll buy a new memory card and try for more pics this weekend.

While I was out, I dropped by town hall and voted today. I’ll be in Redmond on election day, so early voting was just the ticket. Someone stole the campaign sign out of my yard last night. I’d suspect Richter, but he lives 3,000 miles away.

Meanwhile, I’m having second thoughts about updating my latest book, Programming Microsoft .NET, for Whidbey. I wonder if it’s worth the effort given the glut of .NET books out there, and given how much work goes into updating a book. I have about 400 new pages planned, with more in-depth coverage of the CLR ( a weak point in the first edition) and lots of new material on ASP.NET 2.0. Do you have an opinion on whether I should update the book? Let me know.