Deep down inside every developer really wants to create developer tools. Let’s be honest, how many of you are really excited to the tips of your toes about that Line of Business application you’re working on? It pays the bills but working on a project where you completely understand the target audience and all use cases really is a heck of a lot of fun!

As most developer tools are written as side work, it’s rare that on makes it to a level where they get used by anyone other than the developer themselves. The XteProfiler was one of those tools many are using. The developer,  Søren Skov Christensen, helped a lot of people find memory problems in their .NET application and he had a lot of fun developing XteProfiler. After a while of working on a tool, you reach a crossroads. You have a ton of ideas you want to put in the tool, but to do that you’ll have to quit your job. That’s where most tools stop and languish to everyone’s frustration and laments of “what could have been…”

Søren didn’t stop! He took the scary plunge and made the decision to go commercial with the new DRONE Profiler. He’s added a ton of fantastic features and DRONE is a complete package for your memory profiling needs. It’s also super exciting to see a developer follow their passion and take the risk to going out on their own. I highly encourage you to check out the new DRONE Profiler.

Disclosure: Even though Søren kindly gave me a license, I purchased my own license. DRONE Profiler is a damn good tool!