I’m off to London tomorrow for DevWeek, my favorite European developers’ conference. This is the tenth annual DevWeek, and my tenth DevWeek as well. In fact, I’m the only speaker who has been at every DevWeek since its inception. My good friend Nick Payne, who owns and runs the conference, just can’t get rid of me. 🙂

The conference is sold out this year, which I’m sure makes Nick very happy. (There is still some room in the Monday workshops, however.) I’m pumped about the opportunity to do a full-day workshop on ASP.NET AJAX, and also about doing my first conference talk on WPF/E.

London is usually cold and snowy this time of year, but I love it anyway. DevWeek is held at the Business Design Centre, which is in the Islington section of London. I enjoy Islington because within a 3-minute walk of the hotel and Design Centre are plenty of great restaurants, including a Yo Sushi. I can do a couple of talks in the morning, pop over to Yo Sushi for lunch, and be back in time for the first afternoon session. Now that’s what I call a conference venue!