Many thanks to the attendees of my presentation tonight covering Developing Cloud Enabled Windows Phone Applications with Windows Azure.  I apologize once again for the technical network-related gremlins that decided to attack us tonight…hopefully the workaround covered the necessary ground and everyone was able to see the concepts I was trying to show.

As promised, I have posted the content for the presentation here.  This includes the slide deck with the various resource links, as well as the final project.  As I mentioned, I have “sanitized” the configuration of the project to omit my specific Access Control (ACS) settings.  This involved changing the AccessControlResources.xaml file in the phone project and the Web.config file in the web role project.  Look for the text [your-xxx-here] for where to substitute your own ACS information.

Because the network issues prevented us from accessing the NuGet site or repository, I wanted to be sure to list the packages that were used in these projects:

Phone.Storage Adds support in the phone project to access Azure Storage.
WindowsAzure.Storage.Proxy.AccessControl Adds support in the server-side MVC3 based web role to field secured storage requests using ACS to generate the authentication token
Phone.Storage.AccessControl Adds support in the phone project for interacting with ACS-secured storage, including a login page with the ACS-aware login control.
WindowsAzure.Notifications Adds support in the server-side MVC3 based web role to handle registration & storage for Push Notification endpoints
Phone.Notifications.BasePage Adds support in the phone project (including a UI page) for enabling notifications in the application and registering with server-side push notification endpoint.
MPNSRecipe Adds the MPNS Recipe, used in the worker role project.