Wintellect is so much more than just me posting a random blog entry every once in a while. This year our big marketing focus is to offer unique and interesting content for developers. To that end we’ve set up our Tech Focus which you can sign up for here. This gets you special articles each month on all sorts of topics relevant to anyone doing .NET and Windows development.

For May and June the Tech Focus is on Debugging and Tuning, a topic near and dear to my heart. I’ve written the first article about debugging and I think it’s pretty cool because it’s something that helped me out immensely. Also, our Tech Focus offers great tips and tricks over Twitter at the Wintelletuals feed. I’m super proud to say that all the Debugging and Performance tips for the next two months are all exactly 139 characters long! I figured 140 characters meant they were too verbose and a real developer starts counting at zero, right? Follow us on Twitter to get the total Ninja Zen of killer debugging and performance tips that make haiku’s look relatively easy.

I have to honestly admit that I do not get Twitter at all and will probably never get an account but I loved the challenge of doing two months of real world tips in 139 characters. Perusing through Twitter I had to wonder why anyone would bother with writing any tweets that are less than 139 characters because it shows laziness. I guess it’s like what Mark Twain said “I didn’t have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one.” While I certainly don’t care what you had for breakfast, I greatly appreciate the effort to craft your message to maximize the medium. I should create a web site that shows just tweets that are 139 characters and DO NOT have any goo from that abomination in them. Maybe I can start a revolution that focuses on creativity and uniqueness on Twitter instead of the banality that seems to plague it. Are you with me!? Viva la 139 character revolution! Tweet creatively!