There’s a lot of UI research going on focused around better debugging. Debugger Canvas is some that you can use today and the version 1.1 was just released. The speed increased in 1.1 are great and make Debugger Canvas much more usable. I’m in love with the toggle button where you can flip between Debugger Canvas and regular text file display. While I have a few feature requests that I’d love to see, using 1.1 made me wish for some more. My feedback’s been given to the Debugger Canvas team but I thought it might spark some discussion by mentioning my additional wishes to everyone:

  • When using Debugger Canvas on a multithreaded application, I’d love to see the thread ID and/or name in the display when it’s an active call stack. It’s a little to easy to get lost in a multithreaded canvas.
  • It would be nice to have a timestamp on a bubble. When one canvas is getting reused you can see at a glance which is the most recent chain.
  • It would be nice to have a way to remove a whole chain at once.

Please do let the team know your feedback at the DevLabs Debugger Canvas forum.