Course Overview

Professional Scrum Foundations is a rigorous, two-day course intended to solidify the core principles of Scrum for individuals or teams. Rather than coaching teams back from a poorly functioning Scrum implementation, the Professional Scrum Foundations course exposes these common missteps, increases the awareness of the associated symptoms, and provides prescriptive guidance to avoid going off track.

Over the 2 days, students are introduced to the mechanics of Scrum, gaining insights into overcoming complexity, dealing with team-based collaboration and self-organization as essential elements in mastering Scrum.

Students work together as a team in a series of Sprints to build a software application, thereby facing real-life problems. The mechanics, roles, and principles of Scrum are leveraged during the exercises. From its emphasis on the practical application of Scrum, the course exposes common missteps and misunderstandings so students grow a higher awareness of the associated symptoms. The course provides prescriptive guidance to avoid going off track and keep Scrum healthy.

Key Learning Areas

The Professional Scrum Foundations course is the perfect introduction, reboot or refresher to Scrum. This course is for teams or anyone wanting to experience the Scrum way of working. PSF provides the base knowledge needed for anyone interested in taking role-focused trainings.

Assessment Certification

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Foundations course will receive a password to attempt the PSM I assessment. The industry-recognized PSM certification requires a minimum passing score on this rigorous assessment.

Course Outline

  • Fundamentals of Scrum
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Mastering Scrum
  • Planning with Scrum
  • Getting Started
  • Keeping Scrum Healthy

Who Benefits

The Professional Scrum Foundations course is appropriate for anyone working on or with a Scrum Team. The course is especially well suited to teams and organizations investigating how to use Scrum, those who are currently struggling with ineffective Scrum, or those beginning to utilize Scrum in their development environment. This course ensures everyone in attendance is prepared to begin using Scrum more effectively.


No Scrum experience required.