Course Overview

The Microsoft Power BI service is a cloud-based platform for building data-driven reports, creating dashboards, and analyzing your data without having to install the Power BI Desktop application locally. This Power BI service training course teaches attendees how to use the Power BI service to create reports, share them, and manage the workspaces for optimal team collaboration.

Key Learning Areas

  • Understand the differences between Power BI Desktop and Service
  • Work with reports and dashboards
  • Use My Workspace
  • Collaborate using Workspaces

Course Outline

Power BI Overview

  • Power BI Collection
  • Power BI Licenses
  • Power BI Roles
  • Power BI Data Sets vs Data Flows

Power BI Service Overview

  • What is Power BI Service?
  • Differences between Power BI Desktop and Service
  • Sharing and Collaborating in Power BI Service
  • Logging in to Power BI Service
  • Power BI Service Settings and Notifications
  • Introduction to Power BI Service Main Screen

Working with Reports

  • Uploading PBI Reports
  • Working with Reports
  • Using Bookmarks, Filters, and Comments
  • Sharing Reports
  • Getting Insights and KPI Analysis (only available with Premium (PPU))
  • Creating & Editing Reports
  • Viewing Usage Metrics
  • Viewing and Sharing Datasets

Working with Dashboards

  • Creating Dashboards
  • Working with Dashboards

Using My Workspace

  • Creating New Content
  • Using Views and Filters
  • Using More Options
  • Creating Paginated Reports (only available if installed PBI Report Builder)
  • Managing Permissions

Using Workspaces for Collaboration

  • Creating a Workspace (only available with PBI Pro)
  • Working in a Workspace
  • Creating within the Workspace
  • Creating a Pipeline (only available when using Premium Capacity)
  • Using Workspace Settings
  • Managing Workspace Access


No prior experience is presumed.