Course Overview

This course is designed to help you to get the most out of Microsoft’s Power BI, a suite of tools that lets you build interactive dashboards for analyzing data and extracting business insights. This course will help you master how to build Power Apps, Automate Flows and extend the platform to complete business requirements and solve complex business problems.

Key Learning Areas

  • 12 hours of Instructor-Led training
  • 12 hours of project-based labs
  • 1:1 personalized training
  • Real-world project-based exercises

Course Outline

Get Started with Microsoft Power BI

  • Welcome to Power BI Course
  • Skills Covered
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Overview Power BI service and Power BI desktop
  • Overview of Power BI Components
  • Different Power BI Offerings
  • Architecture of Power BI
  • Installation of Power BI Desktop
  • Lab: Getting Started in Power BI Desktop

Data Extraction
In this module you will learn to identify and retrieve data from various data sources. You will also explore the options for connectivity and data storage and understand the difference and performance implications of connecting directly to data vs. importing it.

  • Overview of different data source
  • Extracting data from Data Source
  • Extract, Transform, Load Power BI Service with Dataflow and data factory
  • Working with Azure SQL database and database sources
  • Lab: Data preparation in Power BI Desktop

Reshaping and Transforming Data in Power BI
In this module you will learn the process of profiling and understanding the condition of the data. They will learn how to identify anomalies, look at the size and shape of their data, and perform the proper data cleaning and transforming steps to prepare the data for loading into the model.

  • Data shaping
  • Enhance the data structure
  • Data Profiling
  • Visual Demonstration
  • Lab: Transforming and Loading Data in Power BI Desktop

Programming with M Query and DAX Query
This module introduces you to the world of M query and DAX query and its true power for enhancing a model.

  • Introduction of Power Query Editor
  • Query Editor Layout and Functionality
  • Introduction to M Query
  • Introduction to DAX
  • DAX context
  • Optimize the model for performance
  • Optimize Direct Query Models
  • Create and Manage Aggregations

Create Dashboards in Power BI and Reports
In this module you will create new dashboards and use the different navigation tools available to provide navigation. You will be introduced to features and functionality and how to enhance dashboards for usability and insights.

  • Create a Dashboard
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Enhance a Dashboard
  • Lab: Creating a Dashboard in Power BI Service

Power BI Rest API and SDK for Automation
In this module you will explore power BI rest API and you will learn how to implement SDK for automation.

  • Power BI Rest API Automation with Power automate
  • Refreshing Dataset with Rest API
  • Exporting Report using Power BI API
  • Introduction to Azure AD authentication and MSAL for graph
  • Power BI using Azure Functions
  • Using PowerShell Scripts for Power BI

Getting Started with Power BI Embedded

  • Introduction to embedded Power BI
  • Create embedded code
  • Manage embedded code
  • Power BI Embedded playground
  • Overview of Power BI Embed for your customers
  • Overview of Power BI Embed for your organization
  • Deploying with React Native / JavaScript / ASP.NET
  • Power BI embedded UX Filters
  • Distributing Content using App Workplaces
  • Creating Mobile-Based Reports and Dashboards
  • Optimizing Report for Power BI Mobile App
  • Using the Power BI Export to Generate PDF and Image Files

Securing Content in Power BI Embedded
In this module you will learn how to secure your Power Bi embedded using Row-level security.

  • Introduction to Row-level security in Power BI
  • Embed a report with Cloud-Based RLS

Power BI Deployment
In this module you will learn to create and manager Workspaces and how to share content, reports, and dashboards, and how to distribute an App.

  • Introduction to Power BI Deployment Pipelines
  • Create Deployment Pipelines
  • Benefits of Deployment Pipeline
  • Application Lifecycle Management with DevOps Pipelines

Power BI Premium

  • Introduction of Power BI Premium
  • Overview of Power BI Premium Features
  • Configuring Power BI Embedded with Premium Capacity

Developing Custom Data Visualization
In this module you will get deep dive into the world of Data visualization and help you to develop your custom data visualization.

  • Deep Dive into Power BI Data Visualization
  • Data Visualization Techniques
  • Creating Custom Visualization in Power BI

Who Benefits

This course will help you master how to build Power Apps, Automate Flows and extend the platform to complete business requirements and solve complex business problems. This course is taught workshop-style, hands-on with valuable tools to take directly back to current projects.


Students should have previous experience working with Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service. Students should also have previous experience programming with JavaScript and C#.