Course Overview

This Bootcamp is designed by industry professionals to help you master the Microsoft Power Platform. As a part of this bootcamp, you get to work on multiple real-life projects. Upon successful completion of this bootcamp, you'll be ready create simple Power Apps, connect data with Dataverse, build a Power BI Dashboard, and automate processes with Power Automate.

Key Learning Areas

  • 12 hours of Instructor-Led training
  • 12 hours of project-based labs
  • 1:1 personalized training
  • Real-world project-based exercises

Course Outline

Getting Started with Microsoft Power Platform

  • Introduction to Microsoft Power Apps
  • Exploring components and features of the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Exploring different ways to connect data

Introduction to the Microsoft Dataverse

  • What is Microsoft Dataverse
  • Why to Choose Dataverse
  • Work with Tables and Table Relationship
  • Apply Business Logic
  • Work with Dataflows
  • License Requirements for Tables
  • Use Power BI with Dataverse
  • Azure Synapse Link

Getting Started with Power Apps

  • Introduction to Power Apps
  • Deep dive into Canvas Apps
  • System Requirements, Limits, and Configuration of Power Apps
  • Design and Build Model-Driven Apps
  • Share and Manage an App
  • Advanced App Making and Customization
  • Use Performance Insights

Automate a Business Process using Power Automate

  • Getting started with Power Automate
  • Build an Automated Solution
  • Exploring Types of Flow
  • Build a simple flow

Process Advisor and Cloud Flows

  • Getting started with Task Mining and Process Mining
  • Administration and Security
  • Automated Flows
  • Scheduled Flows
  • Instant Flows
  • Popular Cloud Flows Scenarios
  • Use Flows with Microsoft Dataverse
  • AI Builder

Getting Started with Power BI

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Architecture of Power BI
  • Create Power BI Report
  • Create Power BI Dashboard

Power Automate for Desktop

  • Setup Power Automate
  • Power Automate Architecture
  • Create a DataverseDatabase
  • Create a Desktop Flows
  • Trigger a Desktop flow from Another Flow

Introduction to Power Virtual Agents

  • Introduction to Power Virtual Agents
  • Exploring business value and features of Power Virtual Agents
  • Introduction to essential components that make up Power Virtual Agents and chatbots

Who Benefits

This course is ideal for those who want to improve productivity by automating business processes, analyzing data to produce business insights, and acting more effectively by creating simple app experiences.