Course Overview

The Web has seen massive changes over the last decade as user interfaces have moved from displaying mainly static data to much more dynamic and flexible UIs. At the center of this change is JavaScript, one of the most popular scripting languages around. Developing today's modern Web applications requires a solid understanding of JavaScript, especially given that JavaScript is now used on both the client-side and the server-side.

In this JavaScript Programming Essentials course, you'll see how to get started with the JavaScript language and learn the key technologies that are necessary to use it. In addition to JavaScript, you'll also learn about related technologies such as the DOM, and see the different ways JavaScript code can be structured to be more re-useable and maintainable.

Key Learning Areas

  • The role of prototypical inheritance
  • How to create JavaScript factories
  • The role of the constructor
  • Prototypal Inheritance
  • Key JavaScript patterns that can be used to clean up your code
  • How to create custom JavaScript objects
  • Client-Side Data binding techniques that can minimize code

Course Outline

  • JavaScript Primer
  • Creating Custom JavaScript Objects
  • Function Techniques
  • JavaScript Patterns
  • Data Binding and Templates

Who Benefits

This course is valuable for developers who are interested in building moderate to advanced applications using the JavaScript programming language.


Knowledge of JavaScript is not necessary. Developers familiar with HTML, CSS, and/or at least one other programming language. Developers should know how to create a web page using a mix HTML and CSS.