Course Overview

The SQL Server 2022 for Query Writers Training teaches attendees the skills they need to query and modify data in SQL Server successfully.

Key Learning Areas

  • Understand the basics of relational databases and SQL
  • Retrieve data from a single table and multiple tables
  • Write summary queries and subqueries

Course Outline

Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL

  • An introduction to client/server systems
  • An introduction to the relational database model
  • An introduction to SQL and SQL-based systems
  • The Transact-SQL statements

Using Management Studio

  • An introduction to SQL Server 2022
  • An introduction to Management Studio
  • How to view and modify the database
  • How to work with queries
  • How to view the documentation for SQL Server

Retrieving Data from a Single Table

  • An introduction to the SELECT statement
  • How to code the SELECT clause
  • How to code the WHERE clause
  • How to code the ORDER BY clause

Retrieving Data from Two or More Tables

  • How to work with inner joins
  • How to work with outer joins
  • Other skills for working with joins
  • How to work with unions

Coding Summary Queries

  • How to work with aggregate functions
  • How to group and summarize data
  • How to summarize data using SQL Server extensions

Coding Subqueries

  • An introduction to subqueries
  • How to code subqueries in search conditions
  • Other ways to use subqueries
  • Guidelines for working with complex queries
  • How to work with common table expressions

Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data

  • How to create test tables
  • How to insert new rows
  • How to modify existing rows
  • How to delete existing rows
  • How to merge rows

Working with Data Types

  • A review of the SQL data types
  • How to convert data

Using Functions

  • How to work with string data
  • How to work with numeric data
  • How to work with date/time data
  • Other functions you should know about


No prior experience is presumed