Course Overview

Azure Databricks is a cloud-scale platform for data analytics and machine learning. In this one-day course, you'll learn how to use Azure Databricks to explore, prepare, and model data; and integrate Databricks machine learning processes with Azure Machine Learning.

Key Learning Areas

  • Get started with Azure Databricks
  • Work with data in Azure Databricks
  • Prepare data for machine learning with Azure Databricks
  • Train a machine learning model with Azure Databricks
  • Use MLflow to track experiments in Azure Databricks
  • Manage machine learning models in Azure Databricks
  • Track Azure Databricks experiments in Azure Machine Learning
  • Deploy Azure Databricks models in Azure Machine Learning

Course Outline

Get Started with Azure Databricks

  • Understand Azure Databricks
  • Provision Azure Databricks workspaces and clusters
  • Work with notebooks in Azure Databricks

Work with Data in Azure Databricks

  • Understand dataframes
  • Query dataframes
  • Visualize data

Prepare Data for Machine Learning with Azure Databricks

  • Understand machine learning concepts
  • Perform data cleaning
  • Perform feature engineering
  • Perform data scaling
  • Perform data encoding

Train a Machine Learning Model with Azure Databricks

  • Understand Spark ML
  • Train and validate a model
  • Use other machine learning frameworks

Use MLflow to Track Experiments in Azure Databricks

  • Understand capabilities of MLflow
  • Use MLflow terminology
  • Run experiments

Manage Machine Learning Models in Azure Databricks

  • Describe considerations for model management
  • Register models
  • Manage model versioning

Track Azure Databricks Experiments in Azure Machine Learning

  • Describe Azure Machine Learning
  • Run Azure Databricks experiments in Azure Machine Learning
  • Log metrics in Azure Machine Learning with MLflow
  • Run Azure Machine Learning pipelines on Azure Databricks compute

Deploy Azure Databricks Models in Azure Machine Learning

  • Describe considerations for model deployment
  • Plan for Azure Machine Learning deployment endpoints
  • Deploy a model to Azure Machine Learning
  • Troubleshoot model deployment

Who Benefits

This course is designed for data scientists with experience in Python who need to learn how to apply their data science and machine learning skills on Azure Databricks.


Before attending this course, you should have experience of using Python to work with data, and some knowledge of machine learning concepts. Before attending this course, complete the following learning path on Microsoft Learn: