Microsoft has announced general availability of the open source DevOps platform Cloud Foundry for Azure.  Microsoft has worked with the Cloud Foundry community to provide Resource Manager Templates to enable fast deployment of BOSH tools.

By merging the Azure Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) into the upstream, open source Cloud Foundry repository, Cloud Foundry on Azure is now powered by the Microsoft Azure team as well as the Cloud Foundry community. This is consistent with our commitment to contribute to and collaborate with the open source ecosystem.  — Microsoft Azure Blog

In addition to being able to deploy the open source version of Cloud Foundry, Microsoft is also announcing a preview of the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry now includes expanded support for Spring Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure, .NET applications, Docker images, and application lifecycle management. With these enhancements, Pivotal further enables businesses to rapidly build, deploy, and operate Cloud Native applications on a wide choice of hosted, public, and private clouds.  — Pivotal Announcement

For more information about Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Cloud Foundry support, read the Azure Blog Post.